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The Hidden: A Queen Street Story

Sometimes if we stop, sit back, and look, we find something other than what we expected… This is the story of what I found when I stopped and observed life on Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand.

The busyness of the street distracts from the details. There are
many stories from those who call the street their home, and
many more unknown, untold, and uncared about.

Look past the busyness of the street and see what is hidden:
hidden lives, hidden stories, hidden pain.

Addictions are everywhere, hiding the heartache,
covering up the loneliness, temporarily fixing
the brokenness.

In their eyes are emptiness and pain, devastation
that no one desires to know them, or to care for
them. The pain is made worse with every person
that walks past, every time eye contact is avoided.

The decision is yours: will you take that second to smile
and make eye contact, or will you be just one more
soul walking past, making the pain one person worse?
What will you do?

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